Gretchen the Great is the best human being and blogger on the face of the freaking earth.  Well, maybe not the best blogger but certainly in the top 456,892,384’s worth of bloggers and I’m not even sure that that many people blog – I just like the way those numbers look together.

I have ADD and a killer Pillsbury Dough Girl body.  I’m more like the sweet jelly filling that no one can resist in a good donut.  I’m addicted to Diet Coke but I’m going to have to go into rehab because with this damn Bush economy, no one can afford luxuries like that anymore.  Maybe one day I’ll finish college and get a real career that is something more than working in an entry level job that any 16-yr-old looking for a good summer job or immigrant who barely speaks English would be glad to have.

Just like MENSA, I think Frasier is the smartest show on TV – technically in syndication – and I am in love with House – the doctor not actuallly my house because no one would be in love with squalor being held up with four walls… that’s just a little crazy.  Besides, I’d rather hide out on the Internet than do sensible things like hiring Mexicans to clean my house – and I only say Mexicans because everyone knows that they do the jobs that real Americans don’t want to do… so I mean that in a practical way, not in a racist, small minded, xenophobic way.


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