Jesus is more physically fit than me which shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who knows me.  Apparently, most little people are more physically fit than me too – I was driving home from Walmart tonight and saw a little person jogging and I almost had a wreck because I was surprised but I also thought that I might have been on Punk’d or something because it’s not everyday that you see a little person jogging on a freeway overpass in a complete jogging wardrobe

So – I got a Wii for Christmas and a Wii Fit and I made a Jesus character because I figured Jesus might give me a laugh every now and then and keep me motivated to do well with my working out plans but it’s extremely disconcerting to see Jesus in the bowling alley lane next to me or as I’m doing a one person jog, Jesus laps me and smiles as he runs off.  If Jesus gets a kick out of seeing me suffer, it makes me wonder if it’s a sign to hang up my remote and nunchuck and get back to more important things like Dr. 90210.

And while I’m thinking of stuff that I’m not good at – I am definitely not a good “name-this-tune-and-or-singer” guesser especially when it’s music that I’ve never heard or been interested in.  I’m also not good at faking being interested in something, especially when I have a killer headache.  

There is a part of me that thinks “working out” on the Wii Fit is a little bit of a cop out.  Exercising shouldn’t be fun – it should be hard and not something you can do at home plus it should be embarrassing like the kind of embarrassing you get when you see a spandex clad big fat person in front of you at the bakery and that person gets like two dozens chocolate glazed donuts and a Diet Coke.  I’m not going to a gym until I loose at least 50 pounds because I don’t want the attention and by attention I mean people staring at me like you do when you pass the scene of a terrible car accident and you’re just hoping to see a severed head over in the grass or something.

I don’t know what it is but I think Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs is really hot in a tough, rugged sort of way.  Plus, he’s funny and a fantastic singer.